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True cloud computing conception disturbs...

As way because the means of the cloud computing worries, it suggests that a service over a network. Therefore during this affiliation, you’ll face some heavy parts that you’ll not am fond of it. However it’s true that though the conception of the cloud computing could be a new plan that is returning within the […]

5G Technology- a revolutionary mobile te...

5G Technology- a revolutionary mobile technology in the near future

Over the years technology has been changing in a very fast pace thanks to the healthy and tough competition seen in the market, which has prompted people to embark with newer technologies. 5G Technology is the recent addition in the mobile technology domain, which stands for 5th generation technology. The 5G mobile technology has simply […]

Send a file with WhatsApp in Lumia 620: ...

Send a file with WhatsApp in Lumia 620: How

WhatsApp is quickly becoming the number one choice of phone-based messengers around the world and around mobile phone platforms. The messenger allows users to not only to chat in an IM like fashion and real time which is a great plus for folks that find regular messaging a tad too slow for their liking. The […]

Create a virtual machine in Windows: How

Create a virtual machine in Windows: How

A virtual machine is basically a piece of software, which simply pretends like a machine or computer to carry out a number of unusual tasks like running windows over Mac based PC. In other words, it could be called as a computer running over another computer. One of the key by-products of this machine is […]

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