How to Choose Mattress for Your Dream Bedroom?

How to Choose Mattress for Your Dream Bedroom

Everyone wants to have good sleep, but many people do not realize the importance of mattress to high quality sleeping. Mattress has direct influence on sleeping quality. The quality of mattress is not decided by its hard degree, material and price but whether it suit you or not.

What kind of mattress is good?

Function is the key for choosing mattress. The function of mattress is to ensure the healthy and comfort sleeping of people. There are two standards for high quality mattress: one is people’s spine can be in flat and extended status no matter in what sleeping posture; another is have uniform pressure, human body can relax totally when lie in it.

The hardness of mattress is decided by the spring in it. Except the necessary hardness for supporting, good rebound resilience is also important. The rebound resilience is not good when the mattress is too hard or too soft. When people lie in hard mattress, only head, back, buttocks and foot bear weight, other human body is suspended, the spine is stiff and in tension state. Human body cannot get the best rest effect. What is worse, people’s health will be damaged. When the mattress is too soft, human body will sink into it; if the spine is in curve state for long time, viscera will be oppressed. Therefore, high quality mattress must have proper hardness.

As the spine of human is S shaped, it needs proper hardness to support it when lie down. Whippy mattress is essential for the comfort degree of human body and sleeping quality. We should choose mattress according to height and weight. Slim people suit soft mattress for enough support in waist. Hard mattress can provide good support to the neck and waist of fat people.

How to test the hardness of mattress?

The simplest way to test the hardness of mattress is to lie upward on it. Check whether there is gap between mattress and neck, waist, and the part bellow buttocks. Then lie on one side to test whether there is gap between human body and mattress with the same way. No gap prove that the mattress match with the natural curve of neck, back, waist, buttocks and leg when sleeping. This is the standard for proper hardness of mattress.

How to choose mattress?

At present, mattress can be divided into soft, hard and moderate hardness. This is decided by the number of spring and the diameter of steel wire. Customer should choose comfort mattress with proper hardness according to actually needs. Here are some things customer should pay attention to when shopping mattress:

Firstly, the pattern of mattress fabric should be consistent with bedstead.

Secondly, the quilting seam tightness of fabric for mattress should be the same. There is no obvious crease and no broken line, double needle on floating thread.

Thirdly, hem and four arcs on mattress should be well-balanced and there is no rough selvedge on them.

Fourthly, there is no noise when press on the mattress. The spring steel wire should be covered by cushion.

Fifthly, back up material should not be fixed by plastic rope. Check the quality of back up material. Some manufacturer may use worn-out and mouldy material.

Finally, the spring should not be rusted.

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  1. October 2, 2014 at 5:28 am

    For me, Icon sleep mattress or just the gel memory foam mattress will do for me. I will have a nice and tight sleep through this mattress.

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