5 useful android apps not available on Google Playstore


In this generation, where downloading a simple app solves each and every purpose of human being, we have got a large number of apps that are developed and upgraded every year. Out of these apps, there are some unwanted products, and also there are some very useful apps about we have no idea, neither it is available on our Google Playstore. So this is the high time to uplift the existence of these amazing apps and let everyone know about it. Thus, given below is the list of some useful apps which you will not find on Google Playstore:

  1. Showbox: It is a wonderful TV show and movies streaming app, which supports ad also. This app also supports Chromecast, and compatible with Blackberry, Android, Kindle, Windows or Mac desktops or personal computers. The issue of piracy is fairly low in this app as compared to the others, but not everyone gets to watch TV shows series through their country’s TV network. So this app is not just concerned with movies, but also gives you access to your favorite TV shows and anime series.

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  1. LMT: It is a gesture and pie controls tool which makes your job quite convenient. One can download this app and convert basic and advanced commands in the form of simple gestures using this launcher, and it also simplifies the navigation system using pie controls. This app lets you do the normal activities on your smart phone in the most uncomplicated manner possible.

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  1. Tubemate: This is an amazing app to download your favorite YouTube videos on your device’s SD card or internal storage, and gives you the convenience to watch them later, anytime and anywhere. The app is really simple to use, and you can easily browse the videos, download them by tapping a single green colored arrow, and watch it anytime you feel like.

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  1. WiFiKill: This is the most unique app you will ever find in the history of app development, which can kill the internet connection of other device using the same network as yours. In this way, you can utilize the full bandwidth and enjoy your browsing session. Apart from this, the app has several other features which you will get to know once you download and install the app on your device. You can also check the websites visited by the grabbed device, and check the number of bytes transferred. This app is no less than a basic toolkit for self proclaimed hackers around us.

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  1. Viper4Android: It is a powerful audio equalizer app for all the devices which are embedded with rooter system. It can be used to create and customize the audio profiles as per your choice and preferences, for the audio system of your device’s internal speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and also your headphones. It will not be very easy to handle type of app, but if you are keen to get good results from your audio system then you will be required to invest some time in tutorials of this app.

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