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Long Term vs. Short Term Disability Insu...

Workers today are advised to obtain disability insurance to compensate for their needs in times of emergency. Disability insurance (DI) is a type of security that reimburses a worker equivalent to or partial of his regular salary, especially if he becomes disabled and cannot proceed with his job. The disability insurance also covers expenses the […]

Top Challenges With Probate Litigation

In the legal parlance, probate litigation is the challenging of the letters of the last will of a testator. Indeed, even a thoughtfully constructed will can confuse the surviving heirs. The facts presented at the court defines the cause of action of the litigation. Usually, it is due to undue influence, psychological incapacity, duress, and […]

Consultative Leadership Styles for Your ...

Kenneth Blanchard, the management guru, once said: “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” This is the ultimate reason why consultative leadership style stands out for various business models. It is the very nature of this leadership style that enables the leader to instantly connect with the delegates and promote them with […]

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