Notorious, a mobile, lifestyle advice marketplace, today announced the launch of its beta iPhone app. With today’s world saturated with options, Notorious believes they can help consumers make better decisions by bridging the gap between them and lifestyle authorities. The app allows users to engage in personalized real-time conversations, with experts of their choice, so they can receive insider knowledge and make better decisions while discovering great brands, products, tips and trends. Notorious, a pun on the word famous, offers a carefully curated list of trusted and knowledgeable experts to ensure the advice given is of the highest quality. From fashion and beauty gurus to fitness and nutrition professionals, the app provides access to a number of individuals celebrated within their respective fields.

Notorious, with more than 40 experts at the ready, offers a way for users to acquire valuable information and engage with those they respect on a deeper, more personal level. Meanwhile, experts can create a new and consistent revenue stream by simply sharing their existing knowledge, while engaging deeper with their fans in the process. Founded by Amanda Graber, an early employee of Gilt Groupe, and two Spanish entrepreneurs David Martin and Alvaro Jimenez, Notorious invites users to engage with experts previously less accessible while providing the technology to host these private conversations. The advice given is fast, honest, refreshingly personal and something that can not be achieved through search alone. “Expert advice has always been a valued source of information, and accessing it through an open channel, at your convenience, is taking it a step forward,” says Graber.

The app is free to download while the cost per inquiry is set by the experts themselves. Each user has their own profile where they can initiate a conversation with an expert of their choice and set an expiration time. Experts have personalized profiles where users can read their credentials and reference photos they have uploaded, while reviewing their details such as price and average response time. Whether it’s a simple question to a fashion stylist such as ‘where can I get a great pair of black pumps for under $200?’, a fitness inquiry such as ‘how can I modify a Pilates plank if I have a bad shoulder?’ or a question for a chef regarding an unfamiliar recipe, Notorious’ experts are there to help you live better, look better and feel better.

Notorious has developed a carefully vetted network of experts to launch the marketplace. Covering select areas of the lifestyle industry, the team plans to expand into other categories quickly. “It has been very encouraging to see that there are many talented experts out there who are eager to engage with us,” Graber says. “Our technology is clean and simple, much like a text conversation, allowing members to be comfortable and our experts to feel approachable.”

About Notorious
Notorious, a pun on the word famous, is a privately held company dedicated to providing access to personalized expert advice. The app, now in beta, is free to download while the cost per inquiry varies from expert to expert. Since becoming a finalist in DreamIt’s Winter 2014 program, the company is currently co-located in Austin Texas and New York City. To find out more information please visit

About Notorious Experts
Notorious has developed a carefully vetted network of experts, covering select areas of the lifestyle industry, to launch the marketplace. The app will continue to expand its network and test other categories based on user activity and feedback. The price per inquiry is set by each expert, currently ranging between $0.99-$10.