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Men behind the television’s origin to in William Crookes William Crookes was the reason for the discovery of thallium and cathode-ray studies which became the fundamental basis for the development of atomic physics. Once Thallium was discovered, William Crookes stumbled on the principle of the Crookes radiometer. Crookes radiometer is a device which converts light radiation into rotary motion. William Crookes’s […]

History of Printer From Quill To Cartrid...

Printing and recording underwent many changes over centuries. Mankind has always wanted to retain what they experience. Habitually, the human being has always wished to record events a trait that was even practiced by the troglodyte.  The Paleolithic age saw carvings that remind us of our originality and the need to not just memorize, write […]

Staying safe on the internet

Since the development of the internet, which nowadays covers many aspects of our lives, always a very important matter was parental control over the inappropriate content that our children can discover there. This also included various television services, like adult channels or recently the mobile devices. The features that are linked to parental control can […]

Video Ads: The Real Challenge for Facebo...

Facebook is coming out with video ads within the regular news feed somewhere around the beginning of next year. Advertisers would then have to take a weightier decision in terms of handing the new video format. As per a survey conducted by e-Marketer, spending ratio of video advertising alone would cross $5.2B in the US […]

What job openings you’re waiting in soci

The last decade witnessed tremendous growth of social media leading to over eighty p.c of web traffic on social media sites. Facebook became the bunk overshadowing all different social media sites with over 800 million users. The recognition of therefore social media sites grew so quick that the marketers were forced to incorporate it in […]

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